What are the Food Waste Awards?

The Food Waste Awards are a reward for initiatives that reduce food waste in creative, inventive and efficient ways.
The Awards are part of the Food Waste Fest 2.020, an exciting day dedicated to solutions against food waste.
The Food Waste Fest is postponed to December 2020, more information on www.foodwastefest.com


Where are we now?

Selection by the jury

An independent jury of specialists will nominate three finalists from the longlinst per category.

Public Vote

From 27/02, 20h until 12/03, 20h the wide public can co-decide who wins the award through an online vote.

Award ceremony

The winners are announced on 05/06, from home!

Discover the winners!


An independent jury of food professionals nominate three finalists per category.

Caroo Torfs, Herwin

For 7 years, Caroo has been active in the world of food surpluses and side streams, in combination with social employment.
Throughout the years, a lot has changed and many amazing innovations have popped up.
With all this experience, Caroo is very curious about your innovation!

Sami Hemdaene, Comeos and UBC

Sami Hemdane is bio-engineer and food advisor with UBC, the Union of Belgian Catering. He follows up on the efforts of large catering companies against food waste, and represents them at the Flemish, Brussels and Walloon level. Sami is also food advisor with Comeos, the Federation for Commerce and Services.

Caroline Huyghe, Rikolto

Caroline from Rikolto, works on a more equal food system, healthy for humanity and our planet.
Cities are a catalyst in change, that’s why she guides food strategies in Flemish cities, wherein food waste is always an important pillar.

Hanne Heymans, FoodWIN

Hanne Heymans has worked on urban food waste strategies in several municipalities and cities in Belgium.
She has also been involved in mapping the network of food waste innovation, and facilitated collaboration across multiple sectors in the food chain.


Organisations can apply in one of the following categories:

Food Waste

Projects by any innovative organisation in which the reduction of food waste is part of their mission or core activity.

and Catering

Projects (or ‘actions’) by large kitchens that provide meals for large groups of consumers, such as for companies, schools, retirement homes, residential care centers and hospitals. Projects by caterers who provide meals for events belong to this category as well.


Projects that are a result of a collaboration between two or more organisations from minimum two different sectors of the food chain.

The Food Waste Awards are organised by:

FoodWIN supports motivated organisations that want to prevent food waste.


The Food Waste Awards 2020 are supported by:

The International Food Waste Coalition is a collaborative farm-to-plate approach against food waste throughout the food services Value Chain.

Horeca Vlaanderen is the sector federation of horeca in Flanders.

De Schenkingsbeurs biedt een oplossing door voedselbedrijven die over onverkochte goederen beschikken (schenkers) in verbinding te brengen met de voedselhulp- en sociale organisaties die op zoek zijn naar schenkingen (ontvangers).
La Bourse aux dons est une plateforme multisectorielle ouverte à tout type d’entreprise du secteur alimentaire et accessible a tout type d’organisation d’aide alimentaire, quelle que soit son activité d’aide alimentaire.