Good taste, zero waste by Lidl Belgium and Luxembourg

With Good Taste, Zero Waste’, Lidl launched a new and innovative approach to reduce their food waste. (‘Bon Appétit, Zéro Gaspi’).

Products reaching the day of expiration are sold at extremely low prices

  • € 0,20 for dairy and ultra-fresh products (such as salads)
  • € 0,50 for fresh meat, fish and baked goods
  • dry food, fresh fruits and vegetables are combined in boxes of about 3 kg for € 1

‘Good Taste, Zero Waste’ was rolled out in May 2019 in all stores in Luxembourg. In just 8 months, the amount of food waste reduced by 17,32%! The project already proved to be a recipe for success.

Moreover, Lidl donates the net proceeds of these sales to the Belgian Food Banks. With this financial support, the Belgian Food Banks can invest in the improvement of their organisation, or buy fresh products with a long shelf life for families in need. With Good taste, zero waste, families with financial difficulties can also buy products in the stores at lower prices without the stigmatization of a visit to the Food Banks.

With Good Taste, Zero waste, Lidl sets an ambitious goal of 25% food waste reduction by 2020 (compared to 2015), and 50% reduction by 2025 in Belgium and Luxembourg.