Dry Mist by Contronics

45% of fruit and vegetables go to waste along the food supply chain. The food waste warriors of Contronics Dry Mist are a mix of geeky nerds and environment enthusiasts wishing they were as cool as Greta.

Together, they have managed to reproduce a unique natural phenomenon (morning mist occurring in the Salinas Valley, North America). Through ultrasonic vibrations they create a very fine mist of clear water, vaporizing around the fruit and vegetables. The humidity increases, leading to a natural cooling effect. Fruit and vegetables maintain their freshness and quality throughout the chain. Producers won’t need to manipulate the longevity of a vegetable’s life during production, supermarkets won’t need to worry about quality and consumers won’t be condemned to choose between the life or death of either Lucy or Letty Lettuce.

Research conducted by TU Denmark showed that the Dry Mist reduced waste of fruits and vegetables with a whopping 25% throughout the whole food supply chain! 

At the moment, Dry Mist is primarily in use at the end of the chain, the supermarket. Even though they are already decreasing food waste with 25% this way, Dry Misting throughout the chain is the number one goal. Furthermore, they strive to reduce plastic waste. Packaging is a pillar of the food chain, and we need to build around it. Dry Mist provides a natural alternative and makes sure products maintain their freshness even without plastic packaging. To ensure a structural and all-encompassing solution, theywill continue to build our international radius and help build an international food waste network.