Depot Margo

Depot Margo saved over 35 tonnes of local surplus apples while providing social employment in order to create healthy food. This social distribution platform gives people more self-esteem and is a collaboration between RIMO Limburg, Bewel VZW, Voedselbank Limburg, Vincentius Limburg, De Wroeter and BelOrta.

That way, Depot Margo combines the economic effect (valorisation of local produce) with a social objective (poverty alleviation), an ecological gain (preventing surplus, limiting transport), a health effect (healthy fruit) and social employment.

Some impressive results:

  • 12 tons distributed to aid organisations
  • 23 tons pressed into apple juice
  • 14 950 filled bottles

Depot Margo aims for a gradual annual increase: 35 tons now, 80 tons in 2020 and hopefully 120 tons in 2021!