Ikea Food Belgium

At IKEA Food, we serve 6.500.000 customers in Belgium annually, which creates additional responsibility towards to environment and the planet. Thus we aim to halve operational food waste by 2020. The project focuses on root-cause of food waste in our operations, instead of food waste a result, where it makes a difference in the industry. 

We have started to work on this project a year ago in 1 store. Today all IKEA Stores in Belgium are tracking their waste digitally and working on reducing it 50% by end of 2020. Working with digital measurement and tracking systems, has created co-worker awareness on food waste both terms of value and environmental impact. We have reached 660 IKEA Food co-workers in Belgium.

We have achieved to reduce our waste 41% within 1 year in IKEA Food Belgium. At this rate, annual saving is 99 tonnes precious food and 427 tonnes of CO2.

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