The Food Waste Awards 2018

De Food Waste Awards are due for their second edition.
FoodWIN is scanning the foodscape for groundbreaking projects around food waste,
meriting a spotlight for their shift in the waste-less direction.  
The Food Waste Awards will be held on the 20th of March 2018, right after the Food Waste Market.
This year, the category of food waste changemakers is opened up to European candidates.

De registratie voor BELGISCHE ORGANISATIES vindt u hier.


Call for projects

Are you part of a company, a one-man-operation, a social innovator or citizen initiative in which the reduction of food waste is part of the mission or the core business? Then you can register your project before the 20th of February to have a chance at winning a Food Waste Award.

Jury selection

An independent jury will select the finalists for the Food Waste Awards. 

Public vote

From the 2nd until the 16th of March, the public can vote a winner for each category through an online voting system. 

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place on the 20th of March, where the winners will be announced and 1 Ultimate Food Waste Hero is chosen.

Why take part?

As a candidate of the Food Waste Awards you can acquire a stand at the Food Waste Market for free! This is a unique opportunity to bring your food waste project to the grand public in an interactive manner. 

To create visibility for your efforts to reduce food waste.
Just like last year, the online public vote and the award ceremony will receive much attention.  

To have your efforts to find solutions for societal problems evaluated by a renown jury and the grand public. 

To share good practices through a community of organisations and individuals also working around food waste. 


The Food Waste Market is a fun, quirky event for the grand public. The aim is to raise awareness on food waste in a positive, inspiring manner. By demonstrating hopeful alternatives in a creative, international format, we hope to board everyone on a fast flight towards a food wasteless future.

WHEN?     March 20th, 2018 between 5 and 6.30 pm.

WHERE?  Herman Teirlinckgebouw, Havenlaan 88, 1000 Brussel

Are you curious to see today’s food waste changemakers doing their thing? Or are you such a changemaker yourself and do you want to show your mojo to the grand public? Keep on reading!

Be our guest!

As a visitor, you are welcome for a stroll through the Food Waste Market on March 20th from 5 to 6.20 pm. It is a good opportunity to taste, chat, exchange and experience! You can register here until the 9th of March.

Register your market stand!

As a food waste innovator, you can apply for your own market stand!
But it doesn’t end here; you are also warmly invited to participate in the
Food Waste Awards, taking place that very same evening, following the market. Interested? Continue reading!

The Food Waste Awards are organised by the following partners:


Food Waste Innovation Network reduces food waste through inspiring and supporting citizens, entrepreneurs, governments and food companies in their battle against food waste.


The OVAM strives with you for sustainable waste and material management system and a clean soil in Flanders.

The Food Waste Awards are supported by